The continuing stupidity of Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Someone once told me that Majrorie Taylor Greene could defeat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in a debate over the Green New Deal. Yeah, I’m not seeing that happen.

Because right now, Marjorie Taylor Greene (Q-GA), inbetween her world stupidity tour with Venmo expert Matt Gaetz, has suddenly decided she wants to get Dr. Anthony Fauci fired from his job. Apparently some of Dr. Fauci’s e-mails have been released due to a Freedom of Information Act request, and Marjorie Taylor Greene cherry-picked through various e-mails, tried to figure out what they said, gave up, and simply went to the “Hillary Clinton e-mails” song and dance and claimed that Dr. Fauci had been leading us in the wrong direction with COVID-19.

First off, let’s not forget that we were playing catch-up on COVID-19 because Donald Trump didn’t want to upset China, he didn’t want the stock market to tank, he didn’t want millions of people to get thrown out of work. But because Trump didn’t act like a President should, that’s exactly what happened. Millions of people were thrown out of work, the economy cratered, and over 550,000 men, women and children were slaughtered as a result of COVID-19.

And as I said, we were playing catch-up. There weren’t enough face masks to go around at the time – heck, I recall one local person actually trying to 3D-print plastic masks that could be used in an emergency for a local hospital. There was mask hoarding. So yeah, the idea at the time initially was, save the masks for the hospitals and the medical people. But as we found out more about the disease, then yeah it was important to wear face masks and socially distance, at least until suitable vaccines could be made.

Trust me, we learn as science evolves. If we only went with our initial solution when it comes to diseases and viruses, we’d still be using leeches to control blood extractions.

So on Friday, Marjorie Taylor Greene decided to climb out of the primordial ooze, and submitted a demand to President Biden to provide her with answers regarding Dr. Fauci, or that she would demand that he be impeached from his job. No, seriously. Here’s her official tweet on the matter.

Yep, she’s still calling it the “China Virus.” How very racist of you, Maggie Taggy Graggy.

You know what? Here’s the entire text of her letter.


Hoo boy. Hey, MAGA Eyeliner J-O Terror, do you know why there was very little information on the virus at first? It’s because your cult leader, Donald Trump, slashed the budget for the NIH and shut down the pandemic response team. In other words, because of Trump, we were chasing the horses after they got out of the barn and off the farm.

But the best part of this letter …

Scope this.


June 31st, 2021. Have you looked at a calendar lately, you bleached blonde bonkbrain? Seriously, are you operating with some weird calendar that has 31 days in June? Does your calendar have 35 days in July? Wait, wait, I know, your calendar has, what, three Septembers in it?

Never ceases to amaze me. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s entire essence is to be a troll. She can’t sit on committees because of her past racist and insensitive comments; and her attempts to clout-chase Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – which, let’s face it, are nothing more than a fundraiser attempt, so as to tell her supporters that “oh, that evil AOC said nasty things about me, send me money” – is just pathetic and worthless.

I swear, this woman is dumber than a bag of wet mice, and about as useful as a football bat.

And she wants to debate someone in Congress?

Please. This woman could debate herself and end up in third place.