The Altamont Fair is now accepting entries!

Well, I guess this is our next step in the pandemic recovery. The Altamont Fair is accepting entries into its competitions for the 2021 fair season, which will run August 17-22, 2021.

Now please pay attention … there are some variations.

For example, if you’re entering any of the Arts and Crafts categories, please be aware that due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Arts and Crafts categories will only accept the first 40 entrants for display and judging. From the competition site: “NOTICE FOR 2021 – PANDEMIC RESTRICTIONS – THE TOTAL NUMBER OF EXHIBITORS WILL BE LIMITED TO 40. THE RECEIPT OF ENTRIES WILL BE FIRST COME FIRST SERVED. ONCE THE LIMIT OF EXHIBITORS HAS BEEN REACHED ENTRIES AND ASSOCIATED PAYMENT WILL BE RETURNED.”

In other words, if you’re mailing in your entries, get started now. Mailed entry forms must arrive prior to August 7, with hand-brought entries arriving prior to August 8 at 2pm. The physical exhibits must arrive at the Fairgrounds on Friday, August 13, between 4pm and 7pm, with judging on Saturday the 14th, with decisions made available when the Fair opens on the 17th. The details for Arts and Crafts submissions are at this link.

As for the Fine Arts category – photography, painting, the like – the theme category this year is “Hope.” Create an image of any style with that category in mind, and enter it as you choose. Fine Arts entrants are still limited to a maximum of four entries, and the specs are at this link. It does not appear as if there is a limit to the number of exhibitors for the Fine Arts category.

Now, rather than try to enter artworks in multiple competitions at Altamont this year, I will not submit an entry this year into the Arts and Crafts category. If they’re limiting entrants to 40 people, it makes no sense for me to compete in that event and deny someone else an opportunity to show their work. I’ll stick to the Fine Arts division for 2021, and maybe next year I’ll consider entrants in the Arts and Crafts category in 2022.

So that means I have four items to consider for 2021.

I think I can handle that, sure.

But I also hope that if you live in the Capital Region, you enter the Fair as well, whether it’s in photography or watercolors or crafts, or whatever you’re able to create.

See you there.