“Do you want a bacon egg and cheese, or a bacon egg and cheese?”

On occasion, I will stop at one of the local fast-food breakfast emporiums on the way to work. And yesterday, I felt the itch to order some food at Dunkin’ Donuts.

Yes, I still call it Dunkin’ Donuts, as far as I’m concerned, the word “Donuts” is still part of the company’s name.

Normally, I would drive through and order my food from the car, but since the Dunkin’ Donuts I was visiting had recently re-opened its dining area, I chose to park my car and order my food directly, rather than wait in what appeared to be a drive-through lane that resembled a used car lot.

In I go. Haven’t really decided if I’m doing their Wake-Up Wraps, which are nice and tasty, or if I want to get a couple of donuts, or …

Let’s check the menu.

Well, this is interesting.

Take a look here.

The middle entry in the left column is a bacon egg and cheese on a bagel, offering cherrywood smoked bacon, for $4.39.

But the offer just below it … they’re offering a bacon egg and cheese, but it’s on a bagel, and they’re instead offering cherrywood bacon … but this entry is only $4.39.


Okay, there has to be something different here. That’s two different photos, but the ingredients and descriptions are the same.

I can’t think so hard this early in the morning. Ugh.

“Welcome to Dunkin’, what can I get you today?”

I’m already thinking that you forgot to say “Donuts,” but …

“What’s the difference between that bacon egg and cheese on a bagel, and the other bacon egg and cheese on a bagel?”

The cashier looked up at the sign.

“Oh,” she sighed. “I didn’t even notice that. How long has that been that way?”

Beats me. You guys work here, I don’t.

She then hollered to another employee, who looked at the sign. Again, more amused incredulity as they apparently never noticed that their menu offered two different images of the same sandwich.

No matter. I ordered the bacon egg and cheese – the one with cherrywood smoked bacon, not the one with cherrywood smoked bacon – along with a French Cruller (it’s a donut shop, of course) and a diet cola (you know, so that I can do some dunkin’ in it).

All right then.

And as I received my order, I saw another Dunkin’ Donuts employee quickly climb a stepstool and remove one of the extemporaneous signs from the menu. Apparently they also had to take down the sign for the Impossible sausage breakfast sandwich, in that it wasn’t offered any more at that location or something.

Okay. I shouldn’t notice things like this, but apparently I do. And if I happen to notice this at a Dunkin’ Donuts, it’s going to remind me to pull out that old clip from one of Adam Sandler’s most memorable movies of all time, Jack and Jill.

Yep. It’s the commercial with Dunkin’ Donuts’ new spokesperson.