Marjorie Taylor Greene laughs at your dead relatives.

First of all, if I’m writing a blog post about Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Q-GA-14), it isn’t because she introduced some outstanding, groundbreaking, bipartisan legislation in Congress. Nah, she’s never done that. What she HAS done is essentially user her time in office to glorify her position in life. She’s tried to pick fights with other members of Congress, she’s gone on this bro-fest public tour with Rep. Matt Gaetz, and all of this has been nothing more than fund-raising on her part to hold onto her seat in Congress and do … well … nothing.

One of her big goals of late has been to perpetuate her baseless, QAnon-tainted claims about COVID-19 and the vaccines that can beat back the virus. On occasions when she hasn’t claimed for Dr. Anthony Fauci’s job, she’s also blathered on about various conspiracy hoaxes that she believes are gospel fact. You know, the kind of stuff that somehow seeps through all those gallons of hydrogen peroxide at the top of her 4’7″ brain.

This post, however, sums up Marjorie Taylor Greene’s whole approach to those who are suffering from COVID – whether it’s from their families, or themselves.

During an interview session, after she had mentioned something about the only people dying from COVID-19 were the elderly or the obese, a reporter asked her about those who are young who have died from COVID-19 complications, or those who are slender who have also passed away from the disease.

Trust me, her response from Marjorie Taylor Greene in this video is both appalling and reprehensible.

That’s right. 600,000 people have perished from this disease, including many unvaccinated people who are succumbing to the Delta Variant of COVID-19, and this ghoul thinks it’s hilarious.

I wonder if she thought about laughing at this little boy – one of over 600,000 people who lost their lives to COVID – who just happened to be a constituent in her district.

Okay. Everybody pay attention. If you can get vaccinated, roll up your god damned sleeves and take the Fauci Ouchie. If you can’t get vaccinated – as in, your kids are not old enough yet to take the vaccine – then mask up and have your kids mask up as well. And if you aren’t able to get vaccinated – for example, if you’re a cancer survivor or are in treatment, or if you’re a medical transplant recipient – mask up as well.

And if you see someone in public who’s still wearing a mask, don’t shame them. Their reasons for wearing a mask are none of your fucking business. And if someone does contract COVID, don’t give them the “well, you should have gotten vaccinated, asshole, now you got the disease, shit’s on you.” Don’t pass judgment on them. Nobody wants to get COVID. Nobody. We still don’t know what the long-term side effects are from the disease, and there are people who, months later, are still having trouble breathing or walking or even thinking after their COVID battle.

And for Marjorie Taylor Greene to think this is the equivalent of finally getting the joke about the chicken who crossed the road …

Shame on her. Shame on her for laughing at the misery of others. Shame at her for treating COVID like it’s nothing.

Oh, and that 5-year-old kid who passed away?

He lived in Georgia’s 14th Congressional District.

Do you know who represents Georgia’s 14th Congressional District?