Do I want to try Cincinnati Skyline Chili?

I’ve been known to add new recipes in my dining experience. When I go on a trip and eat at a local restaurant, I tell the server, “Please recommend your local dish. I didn’t come all the way from Albany to not at least try something from here.”

Which is why, although I don’t know how I discovered it, I’m now wanting to try this thing called Cincinnati Skyline Chili.

Sweet lord.

So apparently Skyline Chili involves a very distinctive meat sauce that’s poured over spaghetti, and then itself topped with onions and shredded cheese. And this mixture can also be layered over French fries, over potatoes, or even ladled onto hot dogs.

That is a serious cholesterol bullet, friends.

So here’s the thing. This Skyline Chili thing is only available in the Midwest. There’s no Skyline Chili franchises in New York. And the recipe for the meat sauce is a carefully guarded secret, although some copycat attempts to replicate the mixture exist online.

I gotta think about this. I could make the Skyline Chili recipe from scratch …

Or, thankfully, I can order the canned chili sauce from Amazon, make my own spaghetti noodles at home, layer this chili sauce on top of it, get some shredded cheese, and I have a traditional “3-way” meal. If I add diced onions, it’s a “4-way,” adding kidney beans to a 4-way makes it a “5-way.”

It’s definitely something worth considering. You know, if you’re at least going to experiment with the enjoyment of regional foods.

Or I could just tell everyone that I’m from Plattsburgh, and this is my take on a Michigan sandwich. Yeah, don’t even ask me to explain what a Michigan sandwich is. 😀