2021 Empire State Plaza Fireworks, part 3 1/2

When I get an idea locked in my brain … it’s like a bear’s paw caught in a trap. I can’t let go.


Last July, thanks to the benevolent folks at the Office of General Services at the Empire State Plaza, I snagged some of the best fireworks shots my cameras have ever claimed.

And, yeah, fireworks are fireworks. I could enter these fireworks photos in any contest out there, and those photos would be returned with varying levels of meh.

But what if I was able to create a fireworks photo – where the fireworks themselves are booming while you walk past the picture?

Yep, Chuck’s brain is activated again.

I went back to the original photos from that night, and I chose six nice fireworks blooms.

And to make sure that none of the patrons moved from one side to the next while the show was in action, I took a seventh photo and used it as a layer mask. And yeah, that includes the dude who was trying to film the fireworks on his camera phone.

I later layered all the images, and created two outputs – one for 11×14 prints, and one for 16×20 prints.

Next thing I need is a thumb’s up from my lenticular print guy in Toronto, and if he can put it together, I can make it look awesome.

And as you can see, I want this to look like the fireworks blooms are exploding off the wall. All you need is some John Philip Sousa marching music, and the illusion is complete.

Empire State Plaza Fireworks 2021. Nikon Df camera, Irix 15mm f/2.4 lens, photo (c) 2021 Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

Yeah, sometimes I can get very, very creative. Almost as if there’s someone in the back of my noggin, screaming out ideas at me and I’m just finally hearing them. 😀

So yesterday, I was able to confirm with my lenticular printing company, Snap3D, that they will print this up as an 11×14 magic motion print. So this will definitely be a nice treat for Competition Season 2022.

Yeah, creativity. I’m definitely good with this.