My 2021 entries for the Altamont Fair are…

I first entered the Altamont Fair’s photography competition in 2009. I didn’t pick up my first ribbon until 2011, and it took a sheep photo in 2012 to gain my first blue silk. Since then, I’ve pulled three blue silks out of the Arts Building displays, including two “triple-blue” prints, After the Rain and Washington County, 2:30 a.m.

Of course, we all had to deal with the shutdown of the Fair in 2020 due to COVID-19.

But right now, the Fair is back.

And with that, I’ve submitted my four entrants for this year’s arts competition.

I dropped these off last Saturday, and as is the rule, this is the first day I can blog about my submissions, because I don’t want there to be any undue influence regarding those entrants who DON’T have a blog to share their works.

Okay. So my splitfilm shot of the Ferris wheel, Five Tickets to Ride Day and Night, was actually shot at Altamont two years ago. The Jericho Drive-in sign, Double Feature Family Friendly, is a print on aluminum that I had hoped to enter in 2020. And you recognize that train shot, Strasburg Number 90, that was my only black and white entry in Altamont this year.

The fourth image, Pride of the Palace, is another splitfilm image that I shot a month or so ago. It combines two layers of Kodak Ektar film, with three layers of Kodak Instamatic black and white film (tinted), into an image collage. And yes, you’re also seeing two of my entries for this year’s BUILT charitable auction. Of course, now I have to create a third image, so that will take some time. 🙂

But yeah, the Altamont Fair opens today. And if you get there before I do, please don’t spoil the fun by posting results in the comments below. And yes, that means you, Kristi Barlette. You would actually do something like that, just to spoil my anticipation.

The Altamont Fair opens today, and runs through Sunday night. Lots of great exhibits and entertainment. You will not be disappointed when you attend.