Hey Lorne Michaels, I have your new Saturday Night Live cast member right here!

Saturday Night Live has made superstars out of its cast of actors and comedians. The opportunity to be part of the “Not Ready for Prime Time Players” is a springboard to an amazing career. And finding that next talented actor or actress may be difficult, but in the end, those that make the cut are truly deserving of the honor.

So … I need to say this. And I need to say this directly to SNL’s big head honcho, Lorne Michaels.

Please take this blog post as a recommendation for your next cast member.

May I present Jaye McBride.

Jaye McBride is a top up-and-coming stand-up comedian. She’s performed around the country, and last week she even played Madison Square Garden. She’s been showcased on Netflix, too. This is someone you need for your cast. She could do characters, she could appear on Weekend Update, heck, she would fit right in on the season opener and give you seven good contract years right then and there.

Oh, and one more thing to mention about Jaye.

She’s a talented artist and illustrator. Not gonna lie.

In fact, when I saw this series, I asked her to create an artwork for my radio show. And she did. And it’s awesome.

So yeah.

Oh, there’s one other thing about Jaye McBride. Something important.

She’s from Upstate New York.

And think about it. Upstate New York has been a godsend for SNL cast members. Jimmy Fallon was from Upstate New York. And Jimmy Fallon was a great SNL cast member. So, ipso facto, that makes Jaye McBridge a great potential new SNL cast member.

Oh, and one more thing.

While Jaye McBride is trans, that doesn’t mean she’s trans in the same way that Milton Berle wore dresses for comedy 60 years ago. She talks openly and frankly about life as a trans person, as well as how being trans has merged well into her rising comedy career. Heck, she even hosted a TED talk about the subject.

So, Lorne, I’m offering this as both a suggestion and a request. Give Jaye McBride an audition. At least give her that. And from there, maybe let her work her way into the cast.

This is an opportunity to show that Saturday Night Live is still the place where comedy can evolve and remain funny and topical and cutting-edge.

Just give Jaye a try. You will not be disappointed.

Trust me on this.