Tranquility and peace.

Yesterday, I did some peaceful photo shoots – drove to Vermont and photographed some covered bridges in Bennington County; then later in the day, I drove to a sunflower farm in |Rensselaer County and took some sunflower pictures. Great stuff.

Now I shot all those wonderful images with my film cameras, so you’ll have to wait for those films to get developed. And I shot slide film, so I’m nowhere near confident in developing that stuff myself. So those rolls have to get shipped out.

That being said, I did take some photos with my cell phone – yes, my BlackBerry KEYone can take video – and I shot these images in slow-motion, to give the viewer a sense of tranquility and peace. Nothing wrong with that. I shall show you.

This is the Paper Mill Covered Bridge in Bennington, Vermont. Apparently the bridge spans a hydraulic dam that was used for power by a nearby factory. From the ground level, it looks quite impressive. And in slow motion … wow.

Paper Mill Covered Bridge, Bennington, Vt.

Later that day, I drove to Herrington’s Pumpkins in Buskirk, Rensselaer County, where people could travel through eight acres of blooming sunflowers. I took some pictures with my film cameras, and then I shot some slow-motion video of a bee doing what bees do. In slow motion, of course. No sense in disturbing the bee.

Herrington’s Pumpkins sunflower field, Buskirk, N.Y.

Now here’s the thing. A couple of years ago, I read stories about how places like sunflower farms were overrun by Instagram photographers, to the point where some places actually closed their farms to the public lest their crops get destroyed. But I surmise that since the post-COVID era, people are more respectful and mindful of social distancing norms and the like. Plus, Herrington’s Pumpkins is only open for a few hours each day, there’s a $5 entry fee, and everyone behaves themselves.

As for Paper Mill Covered Bridge, it was quiet that morning. Maybe one other car was there, and I don’t think the driver was interested in photographing the bridge – probably just someone looking for a little peace and comfort in the cool Vermont morning.

These slo-mo pictures turned out nicely.

I hope the film photos turn out just as nicely. 😀