Writer, blogger, photographer – and movie director in spare time??

Had a little surprise yesterday in my Twitter account.

Usually my Twitter account (http://www.twitter.com/chuckthewriter) will draw people to the blog, or there will be some reasonably spirited discussions over this, that or the other thing.

But yesterday, someone posted a Twitter message that … well …

Apparently I have a new side hustle as a Hollywood movie director.

I did not know this.

Damn, I shot this? Wow.

So apparently this film’s synopsis is such. “After his cousin is shot and killed by a white police officer in Chicago and Black Lives Matter protests spread across the city, a black inner city teen desperately fights for a way out of the most notorious murder capital of America.”

Turns out that whoever linked me to this video did so in error. The film’s director is a “Chuck,” for sure, but his name is Chuck Whitman, who may or may not be the same Chuck Whitman who worked on a film called “Divergent” a few years ago.

What we have is a gritty crime thriller which, by the trailer itself, looks rather interesting. I mean, is it going to be a choice between this and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings this weekend? I don’t know. But hey, someone tagged me on Twitter about it, so I gotta at least give it some eyeballs.

And here’s the full trailer; apparently the Twitter link to my name was just a trailer of a trailer.

Wow. I’m a big-time motion picture director. Who knew?

Hey, maybe I can check the interwebs and see if I was accidentally listed as the producer for Kanye West’s new album.

Maybe I am. 😀