The IInspiration just made my weekend.

As you may have known from reading my blog over any distinct period of time, I do enjoy a bit of professional wrestling. And two wrestlers that I really enjoy are Cassie Lee and Jessica McKay, who until recently worked in World Wrestling Entertainment as the IIconics (now known as the IInspiration). Their podcast “Off Her Chops” is part of my personal blogroll, and it’s a decent and enjoyable listening experience. The two are just fun to listen to, they’re goofy, they’re sincere, and they’re fun.

And with all that, their podcast producer has often asked the podcast listeners (the “Pork Chops”) to send in questions or stories or ideas.

There was a request for an upcoming story about sleepwalkers and sleeptalkers. I recalled a story from many years ago, back when I was married. Yeah, MANY years ago. I’m sleeping, and then all of a sudden I feel the ceiling fan crashing down on my head.


Luckily, I wasn’t injured, but man, that thing got pulled right out of its screws. Meanwhile, ex-wife has gone back to sleep – and I see that the ceiling fan’s pull chain is in her hand. She’s oblivious to it all. Meanwhile, I’m looking up at what used to be the ceiling fan over our bed.

And as you know, I keep receipts. Mental receipts.

So when the producer asked for sleepwalking stories, I had one ready.

Last Friday, the new Off Her Chops podcast dropped. And at 11:55 of the episode … Cassie Lee and Jessica McKay read my tweet. Proof. Straight up proof.

I’m sorry, would you excuse me for just a moment?

I have to take a second and compose myself.

Just a second. Bear with me a touch.

AAAAA!!!! AAAAA!!!!!! THEY READ MY TWEET! THEY READ MY TWEET!!! (bowing down and genuflecting like Wayne and Garth) I’M NOT WORTHY! I’M NOT WORTHY!! I’M NOT WORTHY!!!!! (running around the room, waving my arms like Kermit the Frog) AAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

Okay. Deep breath. Compose yourself, Miller.

Forget that. You ever see a grown man dancing like Fred Astaire in Royal Wedding? Yep. Is me. Is me.

Thanks, Jessica McKay and Cassie Lee. You just made my weekend.

No, seriously. You made my weekend.

And I’m definitely good with that.