That Beach Boys mondegreen can get mon-de-violent.

Kurt Busiek is a very famous comic book artist. You might know him from books like Astro City and Arrowsmith; he’s one of the people that created the legendary Thunderbolts comic series (which, by the way, why aren’t the Thunderbolts in the MCU yet?).

I say this, because one day, he quoted the lyrics from the Beach Boys song “Fun, Fun, Fun.” You know, this song.

So here’s Kurt Busiek, out of nowhere, quoting the first lyric from that song.

Wait a second. Did she cruise “through” the hamburger stand, or cruise “to” the hamburger stand? Because I always thought she drove up TO the hamburger stand. If she drove THROUGH the hamburger stand …

Yeah, you know where my smart-ass mind was going.

Yeah. We went from American Graffiti to Death Race 2000 in nothing flat.

Well, apparently my tweet about this mondegreen inspired ANOTHER Twitter user, @TheKinkyTurtle, to take pen to paper, and build off that same mondegreen.

Now that’s kinda cool. I like this.

Then again, it’s probably a good thing it was that one surf classic from the Beach Boys, as opposed to this surf classic from Jan and Dean, amirite?

I’m just sayin’, is all… 😀