The Nightowl Radio Show playlist for September 24, 2021

The following is a playlist for the broadcast of the Nightowl Radio Show, a one-hour college radio show on station WHCL-FM.  The show can be streamed tonight at 7:00 p.m. Eastern at

This week will feature a collection of the earliest uses of electronic music, including excursions on the Moog synthesizer and some musique concrete pieces.

Total 13 items

7:02 PMDick HymanThe MinotaurMoog: The Electric Eclectics of Dick Hyman
7:11 PMSilver ApplesA Pox On YouContact
7:16 PMWendy CarlosSinfonia to Cantata No. 29Switched-on Bach
7:20 PMHot ButterPopcornPopcorn – Single
7:23 PMThe MonkeesDaily NightlyPisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd.
7:26 PMHugh LeCaineDripsody
7:28 PMTom DisseveltSong of the Second MoonPopular Electronics — Early Dutch Electronic Music from Philips Research Laboratories 1956 – 1963
7:32 PMDonna SummerI Feel LoveWalk Away – Collector’s Edition The Best Of 1977-1980
7:39 PMKraftwerkNumbersComputer World (Remastered)
7:43 PMFreeezI.O.U. (7″ Version)Gonna Get You (Expanded Edition) [Remastered]
7:47 PMYellow Magic OrchestraComputer Game “Theme from The Circus”Yellow Magic Orchestra
7:53 PMIsao TomitaArabesque No. 1Snowflakes Are Dancing
7:57 PMThe Human LeagueThe Dignity of Labour, Pt. 1Reproduction