I need this game show in America. Someone make it so.

Game shows can be fun. They can be challenging, like Jeopardy! or Millionaire. They can be exciting, like Press Your Luck or The Price is RIght. And they can be downright hilarious, like Match Game or The Gong Show.

Then there are the game shows that are just straight up silly.

This Japanese game show came across my YouTube recommendations recently, and I figured I had a few minutes to spare, so I watched it.

Hoo boy.

Apparently these guys are comedians – think the Japanese version of Impractical Jokers – and they set up this game show where four of the comedians are stacked atop a wall of cardboard boxes. They have to select a series of penalties, which will cause some sort of damage to their cardboard walls. The damage could take out the walls, and the person whose wall is still intact is the winner.

Look, it ain’t bimbos with briefcases, so just work with me here.

Or better yet … watch this.

Holy …

What in the name of Mobile Suit Gundam did I just watch?

Could you imagine this show being made for American audiences?

Of course, you’ll need a host for this … I’m thinking Gilbert Gottfried would make for an annoying master of ceremonies if they actually do this.

But hey, it’s not like they haven’t put Japanese game shows on in America before.

I still remember that one where the contestants had to squeeze through cutouts in a wall or else they’d get dunked into a swimming pool.

Yeah. This one.

Okay. Now I can make it through a Wednesday. 😀