100,000 miles and a new warranty

Last Sunday evening, as I was returning from my two-state, two-fair road trip, while driving through a location between Exits 12 and 11, just off the Berkshire Spur where I-90 goes from Columbia County to Albany, the odometer on my 2013 Chevrolet Cruze “Dracourage” hit six figures.

Yeah, I chronicled it. Of course I did.

Little tricky to do it while you’re going 62 miles an hour, but hey, I did it.

This now means that Dracourage has joined my personal 100,000 mile club. If it can achieve 53,000 more miles, it will surpass the mileage achieved by my old 1991 Pontiac 6000 before that chariot went to General Motors heaven in 2010.

But in passing 100,000 miles, I also passed into a quandary.

See, when I purchased Dracourage four years ago, I also purchased a vehicle service contract with DePaula Chevrolet. That’s actually been a godsend for me – outside of a reasonable deductible, DePaula has taken care of Dracourage’s minor issues over the years, without my wallet going into complete cardiac arrest.

But now that I’ve essentially reached one of the “whichever comes first” deadlines of my warranty, I know that all it takes is one fuel line, one EGR module, one radiator, one transmission, one anything, and Dracourage could end up costing me just as much as I originally paid for it.

And the phone calls from the cold-call scammers – who somehow know that my car has reached a certain age – are calling with the frequency of Republican fundraiser calls. Yeesh.

So I spent some time with DePaula Chevrolet. And in the end, I agreed to purchase a new vehicle service contract that – for all intents and purposes – covers everything in the car. Everything. Even the parts I never knew existed. And if I have any repair issues, my initial deductible will be at a lower rate – AND, as a bonus, if I bring the repair to DePaula rather than to any other Chevrolet dealership, the deductible is waived.

Woah. DePaula did me a solid. I know, right?

Long-time readers of this blog know that there are days when DePaula Chevrolet and I don’t always see eye to eye. But in this case, I’d feel more comfortable knowing that my car is still going strong and will continue to last for a while. And if I’m going to clown them for when they can’t remember my name when they send me their mass mailings, I’ll turn around and give them props when they help a guy keep his car rather than say, “Well, why don’t you buy one of these new cars instead?”

Because, somewhere down the road, I’d like to photograph that odometer when it reaches 154,000 miles.

Then it will surpass the travels of any car I’ve ever owned.

And that will be a milestone worth chronicling.