As exciting as watching grass grow.

So there’s been this new and addictive phenomenon on YouTube that, for better or worse, has sucked me in.

And whether you like it or not, you’re getting sucked in as well.

You know those “transformation” videos, the ones where someone takes a chunk of wood, straps it to a lathe, and turns it into a sweet-looking bowl or candlestick? Or those transformation videos where someone takes a piece of old, junky electronics and, over the course of the video, cleans it up and makes it work again?

Yeah, you’re going to get some of that right now.

Let me introduce you to lawn care transformation videos. Specifically, the ones where the guy looks for derelict properties – ones with plenty of overgrowth, the ones that live at the intersection of Eyesore Boulevard and City Ordinance Avenue. The guy then goes to his truck, pulls out the riding mower or the weed-whacker or the edger or whatever is in his trailer, and – in high-speed action – knocks that lawn down from jungle to HOA-acceptable in nothing flat. In most cases, the guy won’t charge a fee for this, so long as he’s using the footage for his YouTube channel. And yes, while he’s mowing, you can get commentary on his work tips, his recommendations for tools, and all the other things in the world.

The Lawn Care Juggernaut has many of these lawn transformation videos, here’s one of them.

And here’s another video, from the YouTube channel Top Notch Lawn Care.

And a third one, from a YouTuber named Al Bladez.

Okay, all of these videos seem to follow the same pattern. Hardworking guy helps knock down seriously miserable lawn for homeowner who’s either down on his luck (disabled, overwhelmed, whatever) or if the lawn is so distressed that it would take a homeowner a month of Sundays to try to do it themselves without ownership of professional lawn care equipment.

And to watch these videos – it’s soothing, it’s calming, and it’s also heartwarming to see all the lawnworkers acting with such kindness and care and respect. Nobody’s being judged. Nobody’s being cussed out for letting their lawn grow to obscene levels. And realistically, when you watch these videos, you start thinking about how you too can knock down that veldt that’s appeared in your front lawn lo these many moons.

Also, these videos are extremely relaxing to watch. Soothing, shall we say.

And in the crazy, hyper-partisan world we live in right now…

I’d rather have a lawn care specialist at my front door. I’m definitely good with that.