The results of BUILT 2021

First things first. I had a tradition of wearing all my BUILT artist pins every year. That ended after last year, when my BUILT 2013 pin disappeared on the way home from BUILT 2020. So if anybody out there has an extra BUILT 2013 stickpin and can spare it, please contact me.

That being said, I claimed my BUILT 2021 pin – for my eleventh BUILT participation. Three of my artworks were among the more than 200 different pieces that decorated the newly renovated Argus Hotel on Thurlow Terrace. And right off the bat, two of the pieces ended up in bidding wars. Which I like. Bidding wars mean that money will be raised for Historic Albany Foundation, with the goal of preserving Albany’s beloved architecture.

Every BUILT artwork has two set prices. There’s the starting bid, which should get the auction going, and the retail price, which someone can pay if they want to buy the item outright.

Look at that beautiful Jericho Drive-In marquee. All gleaming in its aluminum substrate. This had a retail price of $150. It hammered for $180. Overbid. Sweet.

Okay, let’s check my 12×12 image of the Bond Clothes ghost sign on State Street.

Damn, that looks good. This eventually hammered for $275, which surpassed the $250 market price. Another overbid. Swank.

Okay, let’s make it three for three. Where’s that Pride of the Palace image? You know, the one that picked up an Honorable Mention at Altamont this year…

Uh-oh. For some reason, this artwork didn’t claim any bids. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Negatory. And in the end, unfortunately … it went unsold.

Now, personally, I’ve had this happen before at BUILT. And I’ve learned that not every artwork appeals to the Capital District’s art cognoscenti. But that being said ,this is Charity Season, right?

So the plan is to pick up the artwork today from the Argus Hotel …

And later tonight, I’m dropping it off at a charity fundraiser being hosted by a charity in Green Island.

In other words, when I say I’m contributing to Charity Season, I really DO contribute to Charity Season. Do not doubt me on this.

Besides, it’s okay to have some good deeds in your life. Random acts of kindness. Use what you create to create something of use.

And it just means that BUILT 2022 is 365 or so days away. I’ve got 365 or so days to come up with a new idea. Three new ideas. And one of those ideas must be smaller than 12×12.

That’s how I roll. Never give up. You walk five miles, next time walk six.

And much thanks and appreciation to the staff at Historic Albany Foundation. I’m glad my artwork was able to help, along with all the other successful pieces that found new forever homes. HAF generated over $32,000 in auction sales for BUILT 2021. That’s a win, no matter what.

Okay. BUILT 2022. I gotta think. Dream Window. Maybe a ghost sign. In infrared shot. Something. Anything. Come on, Miller, you’ve got an entire year. Get that brain to stop thinking about Lynda Carter and make it think about something spectacular for 2022.

It can be done.

And it damn well will be done. 😀