Caption Time: Three masks, two IInspirations, one Chuck

Yesterday, I attended a wrestling fan convention at the Washington Avenue Armory. Don’t come at me. I like pro wrestling. Mostly AEW stuff (I’m still torn as to whether the MJF / Darby Allin match or the CM Punk / Eddie Kingston match at Saturday night’s Full Gear was the match of the night).

There were several wrestlers, both current and retired, at the event. My goal, however, was to meet the Impact Knockouts Women’s Tag Team champions (and former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions), the duo now known as the IInspiration.

I paid for an autograph and a photo, and patiently waited in line until it was my turn. The duo kindly re-autographed a pin I had purchased from a WWE charity event (the pin was originally signed with their WWE names, “Peyton Royce” and “Billie Kay”, and was re-signed with their current wrestling names of “Cassie Lee” and “Jessie McKay”).

I should note that the IInspiration were the only two wrestlers at the event who remained masked up. Their reasons for masking up are not for me to decipher or determine. However, if they’re masked up … then it’s only right for me to put on a mask when it came time for my photograph.

So here we are. All three masked up, like we’re all going to go rob a stagecoach.

So … good blog readers … I haven’t done a “Caption Time” in a very long while, so why don’t you give me a good one. Keep it clean, keep it nice, but show me some decent thought here.