What’s Up in the Neighborhood, December 4, 2021

Good morning, blog readers. Hope you’re having a great day.

Now, this might seem like a wee shock to you, but I’ve culled a few of the blog members from my personal blogroll. No, it’s not that I disagree with what they’re doing or anything like that, it’s just that, well, they haven’t posted in nearly a year … and I don’t know if that means they’ve completely given up on the blog format, or they’ve been distracted by other projects. No matter. When they start posting again, I’ll add them back. It’s not a ban, it’s a “take your time and do what you need, and when you’re ready, come back and join us” mode.

But that also means that if you have a blog, or you know of someone that’s worth reading, please let me know. That blog or podcast could end up in the blogroll. You never know. I’m nice like that.

So let’s get started, shall we?

Have a great weekend, everybody!