New Spider-Man movie trailer! This is not a drill!!!

We’ve all been waiting for the new Spider-Man movie trailer. Trust me, Sony Pictures has more riding on your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man than you can imagine.

And last night … in the middle of the night, mind you …

The trailer dropped.

Yeah. The one involving a multiverse and all that.

Wanna see the trailer?

Of course you do.


Maybe I should clear a few things up.

This Spider-Man is Miles Morales, and he’s the star of Sony’s Spider-Man: Spider-Verse animated movie series. You know, with the film where he meets a Peter Parker / Spider-Man and a Gwen Stacy / Spider-Gwen and a Spider-Noir and a Sp//der and a Spider-Ham … that one.

So this is the trailer for the sequel to THAT film, and will premiere in October of 2022.

And you’re wondering, hey, how is Sony milking Spider-Man for all he’s worth?


Way back before there ever was a Marvel Studios, Marvel sold off the rights to many of their superheroes to various movie studios. The X-Men and the Fantastic Four, for example, were sold to Fox; the Incredible Hulk went to Universal, and Spider-Man was snagged by Sony.

And Sony not only possesses the right to make Spider-Man movies, they can also make movies featuring Spider-Man’s cast of supporting characters. That explains the existence of two movies featuring Spider-Man’s foe Venom, as well as another ancillary character Morbius (his film debuts in a few months).

The Spider-Man: Multiverse series is part of a groundbreaking Marvel comic series that involved every possible iteration of Spider-Man – TV shows, comic books, newspaper strips, cartoons, all of that – into one interconnected summer comic book event. And with that, Sony was able to sculpt an animated Spider-Man film for their efforts. And trust me, they had plenty of material to harvest.

Now if you’re waiting for the upcoming Tom Holland movie that may or may not co-star Tobey Maguire and may or may not co-star Andrew Garfield …

Give it a few more days. I hear that trailer’s on its way.