My review of the 4Ocean face mask insert.

As promised, the following is totally unbiased and accurate review of the face mask insert. They’re little plastic inserts that clip onto your face mask, and are advertised as allowing you to breathe better and feel more comfortable with a non-surgical face mask.

I purchased a standard pack of inserts from 4Ocean. The box came with four plastic inserts. I clipped one to the inside of one of my cloth masks. It takes a little effort to make sure all four clips (one for each corner of the insert) are properly placed, but once the clips are attached to the face mask, everything stays snug.

The insert does keep the mask fabric away from scraping your nose or smearing your lipstick, so that’s a plus. However, its claim that the mask will keep your glasses from fogging is a bit of a stretch. That morning, I wore the insert (and my glasses) outdoors. Surprisingly, my right lens stayed clear, but the left lens fogged up. This led me to surmise that the insert is most likely not centered in the face mask, but with practice, I can improve its location for future use.

I wore the insert for the entire day, except to remove it for eating lunch. The insert is noticeable for the first few minutes, but before long, you barely notice it. I think the only time I did notice it was when my nose itched, and I instinctively tried to rub it by rubbing the top of my face mask, only to actually rub the plastic insert instead.

Also, take into consideration the size of mask you use. Masks that are tight to the face will make the insert press right into your cheeks and jawline, which might feel uncomfortable.

Speaking of which, although the insert does keep the mask above your nose (so that the mask is properly worn), it’s not easy to talk with the mask on. You essentially have to talk like a ventriloquist – not moving your chin or your jaw, talking through your teeth. If you open your mouth too wide, the insert can cause the mask to slip off your nose – since the insert is clipped to both the upper and lower parts of the mask.

In other words, this is a decent product. It will work. It’s not the greatest in the world … but it will do the job. And I’m fine with that.