A cure for mask-fogged glasses AND plastic pollution?

I’m okay with wearing face masks so that we can get past COVID-19 as quickly as possible. That, and I’m also triple-Pfizered, so there’s that.

But there’s one thing about wearing masks that drives me nuts. You try to wear your mask, you go outside, and without fail, your glasses fog up somehow. Ugh. Hate it. Drives me cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.

Now, apparently, a company has produced a re-usable mask insert that not only prevents eyeglass fogging, but also allows you to talk and communicate more successfully with your mask – and, as an added bonus, it helps remove pollution from our oceans.

The company 4Ocean.com has goals of removing millions of tons of plastic-based trash from our waterways and recycling them into new consumer products. To that end, they’ve created a face mask insert that clips to your normal face mask. Here’s a link to its product.

The inserts (which come in a box of four) contain 100% post-consumer recycled product, including over 50% plastic trash recovered from the oceans. Each pack means that a pound of plastic trash no longer floats in our waterways.

According to 4Ocean, using the mask insert will allow you more comfort, keep your mask from slipping, prevent makeup smudging, and still keep you as safe as possible from the COVID-19 virus and its variants. So there’s that.

But my goal today is to test out this product. I’ll put it on one of my masks, and wear it throughout the day. Then I’ll provide the results of my test in tomorrow’s blog.

Great. Now I feel like I opened up a branch office for Consumer Reports here. 😀

FTC NOTE: At no time did I receive this product in exchange for any endorsement or reimbursement. This will be an open and honest review and is not influenced by any remuneration or gratuity. All opinions are those of Chuck Miller, and the results, good or bad, will be honestly reported in tomorrow’s blog.