I don’t believe you, OnwardMobility.

As you know, I used BlackBerry cell phones for decades. I went through seven different iterations of that physical keyboard phone. And I loved every one of them.

Then BlackBerry stopped making their phones. And a Texas-based startup named OnwardMobility claimed they would build a new 5G BlackBerry with a physical keyboard and all the wonderful security features that are synonymous with the phone.

The phone was to be released in 2021. 2021 came and went. I held on for as long as I could, until Verizon bricked my calling ability, making my phone unusable. Had to run out and purchase a Google Pixel 6 Pro. I’m liking it, there’s many things about it that I appreciate.

Today, however, I learned that OnwardMobility is up to their old promises again.


I’m not an expert in cell phone manufacturing, but it wouldn’t have killed OnwardMobility in 2021 to at least acknowledge the thousands of people who contacted them about this new BlackBerry 5G phone and offered the fans some sort of puff of smoke from the basilica.

But they didn’t.

And unfortunately, we’ve all moved to other phones. And for what I paid outright for the Google Pixel 6 Pro, I can’t justify cashing it in on another piecrust promise from OnwardMobility.

The thing is, when a company promises something and they’re not able to deliver, the least they can do is keep the customer engaged. OnwardMobility didn’t do that. They could make sure the customer knows what to expect. Again, crickets from OnwardMobility.

So now that they’ve finally promised another 5G BlackBerry which may or may not be released in 2022, I just feel like Godot would have arrived sooner than this.

Here’s the thing, OnwardMobility. I hoped for this new phone. I waited until I could no longer hold on. And the phone never came. And my BlackBerry KEYone got bricked by Verizon when Verizon squeezed off its 3G network. So unless you’re wanting me to sit around and have NO phone until you finally get off your Texas tuchus and produce a phone with a physical keyboard …

Sorry, OnwardMobility. You’re the reason why I can’t have a BlackBerry phone any more.

You and your piecrust promises.

Easily made, easily broken.