The Washington Commanders pay tribute to a legendary D.C. football team.

As you may be aware, the NFL’s team in Washington, D.C. has undergone a much-needed rebranding. After decades of riding on the racist nickname of “Redskins,” the team rebranded itself for the past two seasons under the generic name of “Washington Football Team.” Which, in itself, was kinda quirky and had its charm, but it was merely a nickname placeholder.

This morning, the Washington Football Team is prepared to announce its new team nickname, and some potential leaks have pushed the name “Washington Commanders” up to the top of the list.

Well, it’s better than “Redskins,” I guess. Commanders. Like military commanders. Like the Commander in Chief who resides in D.C. already. And if the diehard fans have enough gumption to show up naked at FedEx Field for games, then they could be called the Commandos.

Then again, the local Raljon Chamber of Commerce might have an issue with that. 😀

But I’m of the belief that the new name “Commanders” pays tribute to a legendary Washington football team from long ago.

The Washington Commandos.

You’ve never heard of the Washington Commandos?

And you call yourself a pro football fan?

The Washington Commandos were one of the founding franchises of the Arena Football League, beginning in 1987. They played a six-game season, going 2-4 in that campaign. They sat out the 1988 season, then returned in 1989 as the Maryland Commandos (going 0-4 in the Arena League’s “travel season”), then rebranded itself back as the Washington Commandos for the 1990 campaign. That season, the Commandos went 2-6 and missed the playoffs.

Here’s actual video footage of an Arena Football League Washington Commandos game, where they’re playing the Detroit Drive. And yes, that’s Art Schlichter under center for Detroit. How much you wanna bet that he gambled his NFL career away? 😀

About the only connection the Commandos have with my local Arena Football team, the Albany Firebirds (not the Empire or the Conquest, geez) was that one of the Commandos’ two wins in 1990 were against the Firebirds, and that Commandos head coach Mike Hohensee would later coach the Firebirds, and take them to three consecutive Arena Football League postseasons.

But hey, if the Washington Commanders want to honor a defunct, underperforming Arena Football League team, it would certainly be on point for the franchise.

I mean, they’ve been underperforming for a long time.