The one thing we’re all missing about Marjorie Taylor Greene’s “Gazpacho Police” gaffe


. Let’s get the first thing out of the way.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is dumber than a bag of wet mice.

As evidenced in this video clip.

So let’s get the soup jokes out of the way first.

Oh, and I need to call 9-1-1 and report a murder.

But here’s the thing we’re not talking about regarding Marjorie Taylor Greene’s “Gazpacho Police” (who properly operate with MTG’s “Jewish Space Lasers, amirite?”).

Okay. Jokes are done.

The problem is, whether Marjorie’s just completely clueless or she gave a slip of her tongue worse than the time she cheated on her husband with some CrossFit instructor …

The thing is, there is not one single Republican in Congress who has chastised her or denounced her for her idiotic and anti-Semitic comments. They won’t. They love her. Her and the other members of the Troll Caucus, Lauren Boebert and Madison Cawthorne and Paul Gosar and Rand Paul and Elise Stefanik and Matt Gaetz and Ted Cruz. To say anything bad about any of these weasels is to incur the wrath of the former twice-impeached, disgraced Covfefe-in-Chief who will usher his brainwashed MAGA chuds to attack those who dare stray away from the ways of Trumpism.

And the whole “Gazpacho Police” was in reference to another part of her diatribe – the January 6th insurrectionists that are currently arrested and being held in jail. You know, the domestic terrorists that broke through the Capitol and breached its walls for the first time since 1812. She’s demanding full releases for domestic terrorists and seditionists and insurrectionists. This chowder-brain probably still believes there’s a pizzeria in DC that operates a child-smuggling ring out of its non-existent basement.

Oh yeah, speaking of stupid things the Troll Caucus has uttered of late … and yeah, I’m looking at you, Shotgun Barbie…

So then what you’re saying is … the Constitution should not have been amended from its original 1783 construction?

So then there should be … wait for it … no amendments to it?

Including your beloved Second Amendment?

But anyways, back to Gazpacho Barbie.

Whether she had a verbal gaffe, or she learned the history of World War II by watching a Hogan’s Heroes marathon, this woman is just smart enough to be dangerous. And the Republicans had her on the Congressional Education Committee. And they’ll put her BACK on the Education Committee – heck, they might even make her the Chair of the Education Committee.

Think about that when you go vote.

Think about that.

Gazpacho Police is funny.

The fact that we’re goofing on her “Gazpacho Police” and not realizing it was used as part of a larger, more sinister speech, is chilling.

Say what you will about Marjorie Taylor Greene …

But there are times when she’s a seriously cunning linguist.

I couldn’t resist. That pun was simply Mm Mm Good.