Never trust a Prime Minister who has a ukulele.

Longtime readers of my blog know that I am a huge long-time fan of the New Zealand-born rock band Dragon. I discovered them back in college, when I received a cassette with some of their biggest Australian and New Zealand hits. At the time, I played Dragon music on my college radio show so many times, other DJ’s tried to hide the records because they thought I had overplayed the band.

Let’s get things straight. You can’t overplay Dragon.

One of Dragon’s biggest hits was their 1978 song “April Sun in Cuba.” It’s been covered by many artists Down Under, including Cold Chisel lead singer Jimmy Barnes, soul singer Marcia Hines, and many others.

This is April Sun in Cuba, in case you weren’t blessed to enjoy it.

Fantastic pop song. Do not argue with me on this.

This song has been covered by many Australian artists, and it’s part of Oz Rock culture. Here’s a version of April Sun in Cuba by Australian superstar singer Marcia Hines.

Heck, there’s even a cool version of April Sun in Cuba that features Dragon performing with Bella Hunter, the daughter of the band’s late lead singer Marc Hunter.

Well, apparently the Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison, appeared on Australia’s version of the TV news documentary 60 Minutes. You have to understand. Scott Morrison is not a very popular leader in Australia right now. He’s been hit with political disasters, natural disasters, even a claim that he had a bathroom accident at a McDonald’s. And new elections are on the horizon.

So during his appearance on 60 Minutes, PM Morrison sat down, did the interview with his wife by his side, talked about important things in his political career, and at the end of the interview, he and his family sat around a dinner table, where he brought out a ukulele, and serenaded those in attendance with a performance of April Sun in Cuba.

If you’re not interested in Australian political drama and all that, skip forward to the 22:00 minute mark.

And I need to say this. I could guzzle a whole bottle and a half of Jack Daniel’s, finish it off with a Mason jar full of Muscatel, and after garnering a blood alcohol content high enough to be measured in octane, I could walk up to the karaoke stage, grab a microphone, and slur out a better performance than PM Morrison.

No. Please. Do not do this. We do not hire our elected officials for their singing ability. We elect them to run our governments. And if Scott Morrison runs Australia the way he sings … no. I’m sorry. Scott Morrison couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket. That’s not Bill Clinton playing a saxophone. That was Scott Morrison attempting to do something with a ukulele and, in the process, completely mangle one of the greatest Oz Rock songs of all time.

No. Just no.

Besides … if you’re going to be a musician who has dreams of politics, then at least have some talent. You know, like this guy.

You know … THIS guy.

Geez, now all I need is to hear PM Justin Trudeau of Canada suddenly belt out something from the Bachman-Turner Overdrive catalog. Although, considering all the issues with those wildcat truck drivers out there, maybe a chorus of “Taking Care of Business” wouldn’t hurt.