So a sports broadcaster, a New York Governor, a drug manufacturer and an Australian prime minister walk into a room…

If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m having a ton of fun with my return to college radio. WHCL-FM, Clinton, New York. 88.7, on good solid streaming devices and web browsers.

And inbetween visiting sites like fiverr and asking broadcasting friends to help me create “bumpers” that can be played between songs, I’ve used my growing Audacity skills to manufacture a few more of my own. Some of my previous examples can be found here at this link.

So yeah, I couldn’t help but manufacture a few additional treats.

Like, for example, getting David Rose from Schitt’s Creek to give his opinion on the Nightowl Radio Show.

Simple enough. But then I got a smidge creative.

For example. During the 2021 MLB playoffs, I heard the greatest example of broadcast noise pollution, John Sterling, botch a home run call that really was an off-the-wall single. Trust me. If Meat Loaf had hired John Sterling to do the baseball call in “Paradise by the Dashboard Light,” the girl would never have loved him forever. And he didn’t have to sleep on it.

Well, I couldn’t resist capturing that gaffe as a bumper.

And if you’re a fan of a certain television drama that involves a high school science teacher who becomes a notorious drug kingpin… I gotcha covered.

Hey, how about some of the musings of a disgraced New York Governor? And no, I don’t mean the one who boasted that he would drink a glass of PCB’s because they were totally safe to consume, or the one that couldn’t cross the street unless his puppet-string-puller Alfonse D’Amato told him it was okay. And I don’t mean the guy who kept his black socks on when his pants were down at those New York City brothels. No, I’m talking about this guy.

And after last Monday’s blog post, where Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison did his best Tiny Tim impersonation as he tip-toed through his version of “April Sun in Cuba,” well, I couldn’t let that one slide unnoticed, now could I?

No, I could not.

Yeah, this is totally fun.

Totally, totally fun.

And if you’re having fun in these tense times …

Then that’s all that matters, amirite?