Trans children are not victims of child abuse. Greg Abbott is a clown.

Yesterday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott directed the Texas division of Family and Protective Services to investigate parents whose children are trans, and report them for child abuse.

This is the same chud who gleefully signed into law rules severely limiting abortion rights, offering ordinary citizens the opportunity to sue anyone who even suggests or assists a woman in her right to secure reproductive choice.

I’m infuriated by the ease in which this jackass flaunts his racism, misogyny and transphobia. I’m extremely angered by what I perceive as this calculated hatred of anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable in the skin they were born in, and who want to change that for their own self-worth and belief.

And Greg Abbott’s order now mandates that those who are expected to report signs of child abuse – if a child shows bruises, or signs of sexual abuse, or anything like that – to also include whether a child is trans, or is even considering that option in their life.

And I know he’s not the only one who feels this way. South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem recently passed a bill that bars trans children from participating in school sports in the gender to which they identify. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is currently ramming a “Don’t Say Gay” bill to prevent Florida schoolteachers from teaching any pro-LGBTQ history or culture.

This is where we are in society. This infuriating knuckle-dragging by ultra-conservatives who strap on their MAGA kneepads whenever Donald Trump is in town, who kowtow to the cult of QAnon, who tout that their people are free – unless you’re black, or a woman, or indigenous, or Hispanic, or LGBTQ, or any combination of same.

So thanks a pantload, Greg Abbott. You’ve convinced me that there’s no reason for me to visit Texas at any time while you’re the Governor. There’s no reason for me to willingly support anything involving Texas.

Seeing as you can pick and choose who must be investigated in Texas just because they don’t align with your narrow-sighted view of humanity, I can do the same. I can decide whether to purchase something because it’s made in Texas, or I can purchase something else. I can decide whether to support an organization who’s headquartered in Texas, or I can spend my money elsewhere.

Trust me. I’ve got a solar eclipse coming up in November 2023, and I am more than willing to drive AROUND Texas to get to New Mexico for it, if I so choose.

Because if Greg Abbott can discriminate against people just because they’re trans…

Then, in turn, I don’t need to support any products or goods from Texas.

Signed, Chuck Miller. Proud father of my trans son.