So it really was a performance lawsuit, right, Dr. Kwiat?

Last week, I blogged about a recent lawsuit filed against one of my local butcheries, Primal, in which an ophthalmologist was told to wear a mask when entering the store (as was mandated by Gov. Hochul’s rules at the time), and he turned around and sued them, claiming that by ordering him to wear a mask, they were practicing medicine without a license. Here’s the original blog post.

Yesterday, according to the Daily Gazette, Dr. David Kwiat dropped his lawsuit against Primal. The reason? Here’s his quote in the Gazette. “Yesterday mask mandates were lifted in New York State including schools. Protecting our children from abuse and educating the public about their rights was the main goal in pursuing this legal action. As previously stated but ignored or distorted, there was never an intent to collect judgment from the opposing party although the intended effect to grab the public’s attention was successful. This suit is being withdrawn as the cause has been cured and the Court’s influence is no longer needed.”

So let me get this straight. You claim to never have an intent to collect money from Primal, yet you sued them for $250,000 in damages and wanted to empanel a grand jury to investigate Primal for hate crimes? And that this lawsuit was simply a ploy to, in your own words, “grab the public’s attention” regarding mask requirements?

Let me see if I can get this all wrapped up in a nice little package. You basically found an establishment that was still operating within New York State’s laws regarding face masks, and decided, “Let’s use this innocent business as a cudgel for violations of muh freedum, ‘Murica!”

You know what, Dr. Kwiat? You did bring awareness to something. You brought awareness to your self-centered, vexatious litigation and frivolous lawsuit intended to harm and defame a reputable business. That’s as bad as those QAnon navel-gazers who claimed that a Washington D.C. pizza parlor was a waystation for child sex trafficking, to the point where a fully-armed, misguided fool showed up with at the pizza parlor, ready to shoot someone.

Shame on you. You treated a good, honest business as your own personal foil for some demagoguery. Ugh. Just straight up ugh.

Well, let me tell you something, Dr. Kwiat.

This weekend, I’ve got a Date Night planned where I’m bringing my girlfriend some tasty Japanese A5 Wagyu steak, some scratch-made mashed potatoes, and maybe even some homemade Australian damper if I get creative enough. And we’re going to enjoy that A5 Wagyu steak that came from Primal Your Local Butcher.

And as for using your ophthalmology services, Dr. Kwiat…

I already have a capable ophthalmology service in the area. And even if you were the only ophthalmologist in the Capital District…

I’d rather go blind.