Gas rose 29 cents by the time I pulled in? Come on, Speedway…

Okay. Let’s get things straight right now. Joe Biden does not control the price of gasoline. Joe Biden is not the President of Sunoco. He is not the main shareholder of Exxon. Gas stations are private companies, they determine the price of fuel based on supply and demand. And let’s face it. They’re not above gouging Joe Motorist for anything. Hurricane approaching the Houston oil refineries? Up goes the gas price. Russian cyber-attacks on a company pipeline? We suffer for it. And for those who say that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is also causing gas prices to skyrocket, understand that Russia only provides 8% of gasoline imports to the United States. We get more from Canada, from Mexico, heck we produce more domestically than we get from Russia.

So there are the facts. Now I tell a story.

Last Sunday, I needed a quick fill-up. My 2013 Chevrolet Cruze “Dracourage” had half a tank of gasoline, and I figured I’d top it off while I had a chance. Pulled into the Speedway gas station near my house.

Now long-time readers of my blog know my feelings on Speedway gas stations. They’re run by dingbats. Speedway moved in a few years ago and took over all the Hess stations in the area, which meant I missed out on that yearly Christmas toy truck and a really tasty breakfast sandwich. Currently the Speedway stations are being rebranded as 7-Eleven gas stations, but the conversion has taken so long that I believe “7-Eleven” is the number of years and months it takes to change the signs and whatnot.

So anyway … I’m looking at the roadsign that advertises the gas prices. Hmm. $4.10/gallon. Well, since the price has spiked more than a VU meter at a Van Halen concert, I’d better top off now. Pulled in. Got out of the car. Went over to the pump.

And that’s when I saw it. The pump said $4.39/gallon for regular fuel.

I looked at the road sign. $4.10.

Back at the pump. $4.39.

Um … Speedway, we’ve got a problem.

Went inside. Bought some snacks and sodas. Then went to the two cashiers.

“Hey, you guys need to change that outdoor sign. It’s showing $4.10, and the pumps are showing $4.39 for regular.”

They looked at me as if I had asked them to explain long division.

“Um,” one of them stammered, “We don’t know how to change the sign. We weren’t trained to do that.”

Ugh. Bought my snacks and left.

Look, I get it. At this point in time, we’re all grumpy about rising gas prices. And I understand this. I’m willing to pay more for gasoline when I understand that this is a sacrifice I make while people in Ukraine are fighting for their lives. In the grand scheme of things, my concerns are petty and small.

But come on, Speedway. If the price between the sign and the pump was maybe two or three cents off, I would acknowledge it as Speedway’s vigorish and fill the tank. But don’t tell me you have cheap gas right there on the road, and then you pull in and you see the price jump nearly 30 cents before you park at the pump.

No. Get your staff trained on how to post the CORRECT price, no matter how painful it is.

God, I can’t wait for Speedway to get out of the Capital District.

Like, they should leave now. Right now.