A video of one of Madison Cawthorn’s cocaine-fueled orgies just got leaked online. You’ll never believe who’s on camera.

So for the past few days, there have been statements by Republican House representative Madison Cawthorn (Q-NC) that refer to him being invited to various political events in which drugs and sex were involved.

Originally, there were reports that these stories were made up as some sort of boastful anecdote.

That was before last night … when a videotape of one of the orgies popped up on an online adult video site.

Yes. Washington, D.C. representatives need to know that one of their parties is now online for everyone to see.

According to recent reports, an online hacker group boasted that they had infiltrated a representative’s iCloud account, and downloaded videos from that account. Once they recognized some of the faces in the video … they posted it to the online site PornHub for all to see for free.

Oh, man. And after watching it this morning … holy cow. Madison Cawthorn wasn’t kidding. There’s some serious debauchery going on here.

And I’ll say this. Whoever was filming this had a good camera.

Now the lightning’s not perfect, but you tell me if you can see Matt Gaetz in this video. Or maybe Marjorie Taylor Greene, I mean it could be her. And I think that person over there on the couch might be Lauren Boebert. I didn’t see Cawthorn, but I’m pretty sure I heard his voice a few times. And that one over there who’s definitely earned her MAGA kneepads … oh my, that’s …

I mean, this tape makes the Pamela Anderson / Tommy Lee sex tape look downright pristine.

And it’s right up there on that adult film site.

You don’t believe me? Look for yourself. Here’s the link, but be warned, it’s definitely not safe for work.

Oh, man. Of all the days for this video to hit the internet …

Today would be the perfect day for it.