Protection from rocks in the radiator

I’ve owned my 2017 Chevrolet Volt Premier (“Lightning’s Girl”) for two weeks now, and it’s just a wonderful car. And as long as I take care of it, it should last me for a very long time.

And when I say “take care of it,” I had to do a little preventive maintenance for it.

Let me explain.

The front of the Volt has a large opening, just below the license plate, that allows air into the high voltage battery coolant radiator area. But that area is large enough to allow stones and road debris to fly into the car, and some of those rocks – when driving at high speed – could reach and puncture the radiator. And all I need is a rock-hole in the radiator … honestly, I don’t need that.

In anticipation of owning a Volt, I joined a subreddit called r/volt – a locale for Chevrolet Volt owners and enthusiasts. And in the r/volt group, there’s a person who sells something called the Volt Screen.

The Volt Screen is a wire mesh that goes over the front valance. Three zip ties hold it in place. The screen prevents debris from entering through the valance, so all those rocks and stones would just bounce off and away.

I ordered one. $36 plus tax later, a little box arrived at my doorstep. The Volt Screen and some zip ties, along with installation instructions.

Took me about ten minutes total to apply the screen.

This is good. My car now has a safety barrier to both protect it and extend its life. And that makes me happy.

Well, that and the hybrid gas-sipping and electric-powered energy this car makes from its travels…

Yeah . I think I’ve got a nice little car here.

I’m gonna keep it. 😀