The NEBA Roast Beef – Mike’s Submarines Latch Hook Project, April 24 2022 progress

The trickiest part of working on this kind of art project is finding time to dedicate to it. You have to block out your time, you need to avoid distractions, you have to plan things so that no one will disturb you or distract you. You need all your supplies. You need a comfy chair and some background music.

I’m still aiming for three deadlines on this project – November 2022, so that I can enter it in BUILT (the Albany art show that doubles as a fundraiser for Historic Albany Foundation), September 2022 (with the option to enter the rug at the Durham Fair in Connecticut), and August 2022 (maybe give the rug a glimpse at the New York State Fair).

But this is still going to mean working my fingers to the bone and getting as many squares pulled as possible.

And in an effort to motivate myself to get this project done as quickly as possible, I’ve posted Sunday updates, showing progress from week to week.

So here’s how far I’ve gotten, and you can compare my previous post’s efforts to this week’s completion. Thanks to the wonders of WordPress, you can see the progress by sliding the slider left and right.

So the row of squares marked “N” (the 14th row from the top) are completely done. Nice. You can now see the reflected windows of BOTH restaurants. But I still have a long way to travel and a short time to arrive.

Okay, now for the “square a day” progress report. Every blue-bordered square on the canvas equals 100 yarns. And I’m equating my progress with this goal. Every day, clear at least one 100-yarn square. If you clear two 100-yarn squares, you’ve improved your target goal by a day.

As of April 13, my last blog post, doing one blue-squared area per day would set my final target at February 1, 2023.

After last week’s output, it looks like my target moved up a little … 280 squares to complete would put me at a completion date of January 29, 2023.

Of course, this now means I’m looking at backup options. I have a backup solution for BUILT, so it’s not the end of the world. And barring any more COVID-19 shutdowns, I could still get other artwork into competitions and not lose sleep over it.

But if nothing else, at least I’ve gotten this far. I just have to keep on keeping on.

Isn’t that always the way?