The comforting adventures of Leon the Lobster

Brady Brandwood is a filmmaker, a documentarian and a nature enthusiast. And five months ago, he chronicled a little experiment with his YouTube channel. And I swear to you, this is the most soothing, comforting YouTube channel I’ve ever experienced.

Here’s what happened.

One day, Brandwood went to his local grocery store, and decided to purchase a lobster. Not one to eat, mind you, but one that he could put in an aquarium and see how long it would live.

Sure enough, he found a lobster in the grocery store. The lobster’s claws had those tight rubber bands on them, and the lobster looked like anyone would look on death row.

Brandwood brought the lobster home and put him in an aquarium. And by “aquarium,” I don’t mean a kettle of boiling water.

See? Here’s the YouTube episode with the lobster’s first days in a new tank.

Not knowing the lobster’s sex, Brandwood named his new pet “Leon.” And apparently Leon loves his new home. As can be seen in the next video.

Now Leon’s tank may have been large enough for its previous inhabitants – jellyfish, crabs – but lobsters need more room to move around. So Brandwood relocated Leon to another, much larger aquarium tank.

The next episode features Leon with some roommates; some killfish were introduced into the tank. Let’s put it this way. Leon’s not a roommate-type of lobster.

Now here comes the coolest Leon video out there. Eventually lobsters shed their casing, just like snakes shed their skins. And Brandwood caught Leon molting. Wow. You don’t see this at the local Reel Seafood Company, now do you?

The most recent Leon the Lobster video shows Leon’s newly exposed claws, which don’t have the nasty rubber band abrasions on them any more. This is cool.

These videos are relaxing and refreshing. We’ve seen people who have rescued animals from rough situations and allowed those animals to thrive and grow. And now we’re seeing this happen with a lobster. I’m telling you, you watch these videos and you’ll feel totally calm and refreshed.

This is the kind of YouTube content that’s just fun to experience.

And I hope you enjoy watching these films as well.