The one thing about Madison Cawthorn’s latest video that nobody’s talking about (or wants to openly say).

I’ve blogged about Madison Cawthorn before. He’s one of the Republican Troll Caucus Congressmen (the Troll Caucus including Lauren Boebert, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, Mo Brooks, Jim Jordan, etc.).

Of late, there have been some recent photos of Cawthorn that have appeared on various social media platforms. The most recent one being this video of what appears to be Cawthorn … um … I’m just going to say this. Do NOT click on this video if you’re at work.

Well … you won’t be able to see the video, Twitter yanked it down.

But suffice it to say that the video was extremely graphic and disturbing.

Listen. I am no fan of Madison Cawthorn. I think he’s an arrogant little prick who lied his way to a Congressional seat, whose personal videos of target shooting and tree-punching are desperate attempt to show him as a North Carolina strongman. He’s still got questions about his involvement in a “pump and dump” cryptocurrency scheme that was tied to anti-Biden sentiment. Cawthron is an entitled little yonk who continues to drive his car without a valid driver’s license, who tried to smuggle a loaded gun onto an airplane – TWICE – and has boasted about cocaine-fueled sex parties in Congress.


But here’s the thing. The attacks on Cawthorn so far have been about his character. The videos that have surfaced show him in less than a favorable light – on the personal scale, not on the professional scale. One image shows him wearing women’s lingerie at a party. One video shows him receiving an intimate touch on his leg from another man. And this recent video – the best way I can describe it is that Madison Cawthorn is naked, and he’s dry-humping the mattress while another man is behind the mattress, nearly out of frame but still in the video. While a third person films this.

In other words, if this is a calculated Republican take-down of one of their own – which essentially means that the cocaine-fueled orgy parties may have been real, and Cawthorn broke the rule about NOT TALKING ABOUT THE COCAINE-FUELED ORGIES TO THE PUBLIC – then these videos may be a calculated takedown of Cawthorn.

But not a takedown based on Cawthorn’s policies or his law-breaking.

These videos and images are a takedown based on whether Cawthorn is gay or not.

And that’s where I have a major problem.

I’ve blogged about this before. Being gay does not mean that you’re a child molester or a groomer or anything like that. What it is is the same as the TERF jokes Lauren Boebert uses ove and over on Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, claiming that as a gay man who received parental leave for the birth of his child, that he “needed to learn how to chest-feed.” Yeah, same homo inferiorus shit that was stale then and is stale today.

As I said, I don’t give two toots as to whether Madison Cawthorn is gay or straight or bi or anything else. I care that he’s a hypocrite and a lawbreaker and a swindler and a very dangerous, dangerous man. If you want to chase him out of Congress, I’m all for it.

Just don’t use the “he’s a gay man, therefore he’s not a real man” argument to do it.

Because that only reinforces the argument that gay people don’t deserve the same rights and consideration as do straight people.

And as a straight ally, I have major disgust with people who use that type of discrimination as an expulsion tactic.

And that’s really the ONLY time I’ll ever defend what’s happening to Madison Cawthorn.

He’s done enough things wrong to consider his expulsion from Congress.

Focus on those things instead.