The NEBA Roast Beef – Mike’s Submarines Latch Hook Project, May 9 2022 progress

You know what? I have come to the realization that unless I take a couple of months off from everything AND all the yarn I order from Herrschners comes in when I need it, getting this hooked rug completed in time for the New York State Fair – at least for 2022 – ain’t happening.

I just have to hope I can at least get it done by mid-September so that it can be entered at the Durham Fair in 2022; or at the very least, be done by early November in time for entry into Historic Albany Foundation’s BUILT charitable auction.

Now if I don’t get this done in time for BUILT, I do have alternate entries that can be submitted, so I’m not completely SOL. I have my BIG piece, my SMALL piece (the one that must be smaller than 12″x12″), and an alternate piece which will be submitted if I don’t get this rug completed in time.

That being said, I still want to get this rug completed, whatever it takes.

So here’s how far I’ve gotten, and you can compare my previous post’s efforts to this week’s completion. Thanks to the wonders of WordPress, you can see the progress by sliding the slider left and right.

So most of the completion at this period of time is on the right side (the “Mike’s Submarines” side). We’ve got more of the reflection of the Mike’s Subs shop finished, and that red set of squares in the center (with the white set of squares on top of it) apparently are the red-white-blue corner rails of the two eateries. Everything to the left is Neba’s, everything to the right is Mike’s.

Okay, now for the “square a day” progress report. Every blue-bordered square on the canvas equals 100 yarns. And I’m equating my progress with this goal. Every day, clear at least one 100-yarn square. If you clear two 100-yarn squares, you’ve improved your target goal by a day.

As of April 27, my last blog post on this subject, I had 280 10×10 squares to complete, which if I finished one blue-squared area per day, I would complete the rug by January 29, 2023.

After last week’s output, it looks like my target moved up a little … 232 squares to complete would put me at a completion date of December 27, 2022.

Wait a second. This would give me my first completion target date that’s not in 2023.

Which means … if I keep this up …

Maybe … just maybe …

I have a chance to get this done in time for BUILT.


Gotta get back to hooking, man.