The sketch artist at Paper Mill Covered Bridge

The film just came back from the developers, or I would have posted this picture sooner.

A few weeks ago, I was testing some cameras with a photo shoot at Paper Mill Bridge in Bennington, Vermont. Again, I’m trying to find that perfect “covered bridge” shot for competition. And as I captured some shots of the spillway under Paper Mill Bridge and developed them myself …

Paper Mill Covered Bridge. Kodak Medalist II camera, Kodak Tri-X 400 film, shot with yellow filter. Self-developed in Cinestill Df96 monobath. Photo (c) 2022 Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

As I returned to my car, I noticed someone on the top level of the bridge. She was sitting in a grassy field, and her attention was on the bridge itself – as she was trying to draw or paint or sketch a copy of the bridge.

I still had the Pentacon Six in the car, and it had a few frames of film left in it. So I sneaked up behind her … and got a shot or two off.

The Sketch Artist at Paper Mill Covered Bridge. Pentacon Six camera, Fuji Velvia 100 film. Photo (c) 2022 Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

This was the best shot of the batch, and that’s only because there must have been some issues with the camera – the film advance didn’t pull the film completely through from shot to shot, giving me double exposures on the film’s edge. Nuts. And it’s still got that nasty light leak at the upper right corner.

If I can’t get this camera to do what I need, it’ll get an overhaul at CameraWorks in Waterford. And if that doesn’t give me satisfaction …

There’s a shelf waiting for it. I’ve got too many cameras in my life, and I don’t need one that’s going to give me issues. This picture could have been Competition Season-worthy, but now it’s just showing me that the Pentacon has some serious limitations in its operations.

I’m not kidding. 😦