“You’re on a 2,000 day streak on Chuck the Writer!” (Well, more than that…)

WordPress has this little quirk where, after I post my daily blog, it’ll send me a message saying that I’m on a very long consecutive posting streak.

Yesterday, on July 23, 2022, after I posted my blog about reviewing the new Stewarts’ “Sunshine Shake” refresher beverage, WordPress alerted me that I had achieved 2,000 days without a day off.

No, seriously. They told me I had blogged for 2,000 straight days.

And then, when I clicked on that little image, this came up.


That’s nice.

As for blogging, it’s not totally accurate …

See, for some reason WordPress only counts the 2,000 days since April 1, 2017. Prior to that date, I had spent a good chunk of time as one of the Albany Times Union’s top independent bloggers. That partnership ended on April 1, 2017, when I parted ways with the TU and left their blogging portal. Since then, I’ve been a happy independent blogger, blogging whatever I want, whenever I want, without fear of someone from the Times Union editing my headline (they’ve done that) or adding unrequested text to a blog post (they’ve done that), or just acting like over-reaching fools (and by “fools,” I mean that one of their staffers felt it was their unassigned duty to nitpick what I wrote, the content of same, and why I would never be a successful blogger).

Okay, so I’ve reached 2,000 days as an independent blogger. I’m good with that.

So my new goal is to keep my blog running until Thursday, November 7, 2024.

Why that day?

Because on that day, I will have blogged independently for 2,777 days – ONE DAY LONGER than my stint from August 25, 2009 to April 1, 2017 – my 8 1/2 year run with the TU.

And, honestly, I’m more than halfway towards that goal. So I’m good. 😀