Stewarts’ “Sunshine Shake” new orange milkshake refresher flavor

I give Stewarts’ Shops credit. They try to mix things up with their beverages.

Last year, I reviewed their limited edition peanut butter milkshake on my blog. The best thing I could say about it was that it was wet and cold.

Yesterday, I discovered a new product in the local Stewarts’ cooler. Something called the “Sunshine Shake.”

Here’s what it looks like. Imagine this in the Stewarts’ cooler section of your local Stewarts’.

Dang. This thing looks like it could glow at night.

Okay. I need to try this. That, and I have a blog post to write this morning, so content is content.

Let’s see what 16 ounces of “Sunshine Shake” tastes like.

Cap open.



Another swig.


Finished off the bottle.

Woah. It tastes like someone figured out how to bottle an Orange Julius. Dang. That’s tasty.

I may need another bottle of this.

But I shouldn’t. I looked at the label. There’s enough sugar in this product to send me into a diabetic coma. And for someone who’s Type II, I shouldn’t push my luck.

I will say this, though. It’s definitely a taste treat. Better than that peanut butter milk confection I had from Stewarts’ last year.

And no bitter aftertaste. That’s important. Trust me on this.

Okay, Stewarts’, I’m giving you a good grade on this. Now do me a favor and make me a version of this that isn’t going to land me in the hospital after a couple of bottles’ worth of enjoyment. And it’ll be perfect. 😀