I need an Acclaimed #78 jersey, and I’m not a cop.

I enjoy watching All Elite Wrestling. For me, Wednesday night is reserved for AEW Dynamite, and Friday nights are locked in for AEW Rampage.

For me, it’s much more exciting than watching WWE wrestling. The storylines make more sense, the action is more realistic, and you get more involved in watching the program each week.

And one tag team in particular really catches my attention each week. Trust me, AEW is full of excellent tag teams – FTR, the Young Bucks, reDRagon, just for starters.

But none of them have an entrance like The Acclaimed.

The Acclaimed are Max Caster and Anthony Bowens, who enter the ring with fierce raps and bravado. And then they back up their boasts by knocking their opponents completely silly.

A demonstration.

That’s what I need. Max Caster coming to the ring, spitting hot fire, with Anthony Bowens screaming that the Acclaimed have arrived. Then the match starts, and Bowens and Caster completely destroy their opponents – Bowens with the power moves, and Caster with the high-flying maneuvers, finishing the victory with a Mic Drop (a Macho Man flying elbow from the top rope).

And trust me, The Acclaimed have no fear. They’ll bring the hot raps to everybody, whether it be against the legendary CM Punk…

Or against former WWE superstar Samoa Joe, with references to when AEW Dynamite beat the WWE’s NXT Wednesday night broadcasts in the ratings.

Or even when they participate in an 8-man tag match against the Varsity Blondes and the Gunn Club.

And they have no fear. Just try to insult Jon Moxley by suggesting that his wife might want Caster on her “Oral Sessions” podcast. Personally, I wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of Moxley. But hey, Caster be Caster.

Now recently, Caster has sported a customized Acclaimed basketball jersey with the number 78. Now I originally thought that the #78 was a reference to his father, former New York Jets wide receiver Rich Caster, but Rich Caster wore #88. Especially on all those touchdown passes he received from Joe Namath. No, #78 is the atomic number for platinum on the Periodic Table of Elements, and since Caster’s nickname is “Platinum Max,” the #78 now makes sense.

No matter. That pink Acclaimed #78 jersey is swank. I want one. I want to wear it to a major gathering and see if there are any Acclaimed fans out there who recognize greatness.

Now here’s the thing. Almost every wrestler out there has some sort of merchandise. Trust me. Wrestlers don’t wear their own T-shirts to the ring because they look cool. They wear their own T-shirts to the ring so that fans can buy them at the souvenir stand or on the wrestling company’s website.

But that Acclaimed #78 basketball jersey Caster sports each week…

I wonder if I can get one in a 2XL size.

Hey, this is 2022. I did what any Acclaimed fan might do when asking about specific merchandise.

Since I follow Anthony Bowens and Max Caster on Twitter … I simply asked if an Acclaimed #78 basketball jersey would be available for sale.

And sure enough … Caster responded.


Look, all you other pro wrestling fans can rock your white ringer T’s with the crossed taped fists and the Chicago star flag motif, or you can climb into your black nWo or Austin 3:16 gear from days of old.

I need me some Acclaimed hoops gear.

Because everybody loves the Acclaimed.

And if you don’t love the Acclaimed … you must be a cop. 😀