What’s Up in the Neighborhood, July 9 2022

First off, I enjoy sharing the works of my fellow bloggers and podcasters and photographers. Every Saturday, I shift the blog focus from me to them. I provide links to their articles for you to visit and to enjoy.

Marc Beebe is one of those photographers who I feature on this blog. He lives up in Canada, he works with various digital cameras, and he also comments on my blog from time to time. I’m good with that.

Today, as I’m going through the blogroll to see what my fellow bloggers and podcasters and writers and photographers have created this week … well, Marc made me smile. His “Wandering Words” post this week, “Something for Saturday,” referenced my Saturday recap as a reason to show off some wild bears he recently photographed.

So do me a favor, check that post out first this week, then come back and see the other great posts that populate today’s blog recap. Hope you enjoy.

Have a great weekend, everybody!