Connecting Phyllis to Elaine

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning, let’s check the emails, see if there’s anything of interest … advertisement … advertisement … solicitation … someone contacting me through the blog … hey wait a second…

I received a “Contact Chuck Miller” from someone from way in my past. And this person referenced things in her letter to me that immediately confirmed who she was.

I shall explain.

As a child, I spent summers in West Roxbury, Massachusetts living with my Grandma Betty so that I could get away from my toxic parents. During those times, my Grandma Betty and her mother (my great-grandmother) and my Aunt Elaine lived in a small Cape-style house on the corner of Willowdean Avenue and Courtney Road, just a block or two off of the VFW Parkway.

Elaine had a school friend named Phyllis. They were best buds, they would go to the bowling lanes on Centre Street in downtown West Roxbury whenever they could (in Massachusetts, that means candlepin bowling). And Phyllis was a very nice person, very friendly.

So I was very surprised when Phyllis contacted me through my blog. She had moved to Florida for retirement, and wanted to reconnect with Aunt Elaine. Phyllis also left her phone number and mailing address in her contact letter to me.

So naturally, I gave Phyllis a call. Sure enough, she recalled me. Of course, she recalled me as little Charlie, so there was that. We had a pleasant conversation, reminisced about many things, and then I provided her with Aunt Elaine’s contact information. I hope they’ll be able to reconnect after all this time.

You know what? I’ve written this blog for nearly 13 years now – not a single day off, not a single day missed. And so many, many things have happened over the years – many of them involving new connections and new opportunities, all provided by me writing down my personal thoughts each day and posting them online.

So I’m good with that.

Oh, and since Phyllis provided her mailing address when she contacted me …

She might want to check her post office in the next day or three. Just in case a print of, oh, I don’t know, one of my award-winning photographs shows up at her home. You know, something to hang on the wall and to always remember that little rambunctious tyke who was the nephew of her best friend from West Roxbury.

Just sayin’ is all. 😀