“But officer, at warp nine they ALL look green to me.”

My friend Caroline is an accomplished photographer from Quebec City. I met her about a decade ago, when Quebec had a basketball team in the old Premier Basketball League (the Kebs), and her photography portfolio is very impressive.

We’ve been Facebook friends for a while, and although she is bilingual, her FB posts are in French – which gets automatically converted to English when they arrive in my FB feed.

So last week … she posted about meeting a television star, in that that star’s series was filmed near her general locale.

Here’s the post – mind you, here’s the post as I saw it.

Now in the original French Canadian, it came out as this.

But by the time it went from French Canadian to American English … Star Trek became Grand Drive.

Okay. Technically, Star Trek was originally conceived as a “Wagon Train to the stars,” referring to the old semi-anthology Western drama of ages ago.

But of course, now I’m just thinking of Kirk and Spock breaking land-speed records on Route 66. Ha.

Get pulled over, Spock administers the Vulcan mind meld, hey if it gets you out of a traffic ticket, go for it.

“Scotty, give me more power.” “I kinna give ye more power, Captain, aye, it’s only a Hyundai.”

“It’s 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark… and we’re wearing sunglasses. Engage impulse power.”

“Captain, we seem to be in a temporal loop. Is it possible that we have passed a Waffle House seven different times?”

Yeah, I can have lots of fun with this.

Thanks, Facebook. I needed a good laugh today.