My entries for the 2022 Big E Photography Competition are …

I’ve had several levels of success with the Big E’s photography competition. Several blue ribbons, as well as a “Best of Division” in a COVID-shortened 2020 online exhibition.

The Big E’s photo competition works like this. You send digital images to their acceptance site, then they decide if those digital images are suitable of display in the New England Center. After they inform you of same, then you print and foamboard and deliver the images to Springfield, Massachusetts. And in September, you go to the Big E and find out how you did. See? Simple.

And the Big E uses a “Danish System” of scoring the photos – you’re not receiving first and second place ribbons against fellow photographers; you’re receiving first and second place ribbons based on your photo’s technical merit and quality.

I am allowed two pictures in this year’s competition, and I really had to narrow things down from this year’s shots. So many different artworks to consider. So many.

Eventually, after much thought and personal reflection … I went with …


Saratoga Corinth and Hudson Crossing. Pentacon Six camera, AGFA Scala 200 film. Photo (c) 2022 Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

I had success last year with my steam locomotive picture Strasburg No. 90 (a blue ribbon at the Big E in 2021), and I want to get another railroad photo into competition this year. I’ve photographed the Saratoga, Corinth and Hudson Railroad for a few weeks now, and this this can be entered in Category 2011, Landscape / Scenic. Plus, it’s one of the few times my new-to-me Pentacon Six actually delivered as promised.


As Seen From Screven County. Nikon Df camera, Maksutov MC MTO-11CA 1000mm F10 mirror lens, 30 images shot in 10-minute intervals. Photo (c) 2022 Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

What, you think I wasn’t going to enter this photo in every single competition possible? Silly you. I have to give this image as many chances as possible. Let’s hope that persistence pays off.

So I won’t know until mid-August if either of these pictures – or both of them – will be accepted. And I won’t know until September how the judges viewed them. So let’s hope for the best and see how things turn out.