A promise to be kept in December.

Earlier this year, I made a promise that should my photo Katsha nu: weso (my capture of the Oneida illuminated tipi installment along the New York State Thruway) receive any proceeds, either through sales or awards, I would donate that money at the end of the year to a Native American charity.

This is what I call a designate artwork. It’s one that I feel can do more good for others than for me.

Well, yesterday I tallied my first payment.

Kátsha’ nu: weso (Where are you all going?). Nikon Df camera, Nikkor 80-200 f/2.8 lens. Photo (c) 2021 Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

I entered a print of Katsha nu: weso at Albany Center Gallery’s “Connections” art show. Yesterday, I received word that the artwork was purchased at the show. Sweet.

Katsha nu: weso is also one of my six entries that were accepted at the 2022 New York State Fair, so if the artwork wins a ribbon (and concomitant prize money), that will also be issued to the charity. That’s why I’m waiting until December, just in case that print helps add a few coins to the blue box.

Here’s the thing. I’m more than happy when any of my photos win prizes. I’m more than happy when they sell. It’s one of the reasons why I participate in Historic Albany Foundation’s BUILT charitable auction (half the sale goes to HAF to preserve Albany architecture), and it’s also why I submit my works to the Albany Institute of History and Art’s “Work of Art” show (half the money raised from those sales helps the Institute).

And trust me … we only get one shot on this Earth. Let’s take the short moments we have to help others and improve everybody’s well-being at once. Okay?