A renewed appreciation of Honest Weight Co-Op

In the pantheon of local grocery stores, I’ve shopped mostly at Price Chopper – maybe a Hannaford’s once in a while. And the farmers’ markets are also a go-to shopping destination for me.

Last Saturday, I found a new favorite grocery store. And this one pushes Price Chopper out of the water.

I’m talking about the Honest Weight Co-Op, a grocery store on Watervliet Avenue in Albany.

Let me explain.

Honest Weight is a grocery store that features locally-sourced foods and healthy food options. If you have one of those “wellness cards” from your health insurance provider, a card that could be used for “healthy living” options like gym memberships and acupuncture, you can use it to purchase foods at Honest Weight.

Oh, and it’s got a special treat for my car.


That’s a free ChargePoint car charging station. Juice up your PHEV or EV while you juice up your shopping.

So anyway … last Saturday I purchased a few things at Honest Weight Co-Op. Ears of corn, oranges, some sourdough bagels, half a dozen eggs, a nicely marbled ribeye steak, some Polar seltzer water – handed the cashier my wellness card, walked out with all the goods to a fully topped-off Lightning’s Girl.

How cool is that?

And yesterday, when I fried up one of those eggs for breakfast – the egg contained a double yolk. That’s right, kids. You get more bang for your buck at Honest Weight Co-Op.

I’m definitely good with this.

This works for me.