After a Boston concert 25 years ago…

I was once a freelance writer for the music magazine Goldmine, and in 1997 I was blessed to have my first-ever cover story published with that magazine. It took a lot of arranging and management on my part, for sure. But I made it happen.

The Goldmine cover story … was a profile of the band Boston.

This came out in 1998, but I was still working on the article in 1997 – and part of my working on the article included seeing the band Boston at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center in August of 1997. Went backstage after the show, met with lead singer Brad Delp and bass player Gary Pihl. I had already interviewed Brad Delp for the article – I was expecting 20 minutes, we talked for two hours. I also interviewed Boston creator Tom Scholz for the magazine article – I was expecting 20 minutes, I got 5 and was lucky to receive that.

Nevertheless, the cover story was my first of nearly a dozen Goldmine covers.

So it’s August of 1997, and I’m proud as a peacock. I was working on a major cover story, I just finished seeing Boston in concert, everything felt great.

After spending an hour battling the Saratoga Performing Arts Center traffic, I returned home to Pine Hills, where I lived at the time. Must have been about 11:30 at night when I finally pulled into the driveway.

Figured I’d turn on the news and see what was going on in the world – the Bill Clinton sexual assault trial, what were the final baseball scores of the day, that kind of thing.

None of that appeared on the TV channels. Instead, all of them were focused on a car accident in a Parisian tunnel.

A major car accident.

An accident that killed two people. One of the victims was the heir to a multi-million dollar department store in England.

The other was the Princess of Wales.

And in an instant, the world’s attention focused not on the matters of local business and entertainment, but on the death of a beloved icon of British royalty.

Think about how far we’ve come from then. Her two children are grown and married and have created worlds of their own. Her former husband, the Prince of Wales, has remarried. We’ve heard “Candle in the Wind (1997 Version)” more times than we heard the original 1970’s rendition.

Twenty-five years ago this day.

For me, it went from a well-enjoyed Boston concert to wondering what roles the paparazzi played in the death of Diana, Princess of Wales. How our worlds all change in an instant.

As I’ve said before … Tomorrow is not promised to anyone. And we only get one full ride on this carousel before the ride ends. Let’s try as hard as we can to do the best possible in all situations presented.

In her short life upon this earth, Diana, Princess of Wales did everything she could for the betterment of mankind.

That’s the most important thing we can ask.