Not just a Meat Loaf interlude.

There’s a great hook in the Meat Loaf song “Paradise by the Dashboard Light,” in which baseball announcer Phil Rizzuto calls what sounds like an imaginary baseball play – which, in itself, can be interpreted as the old baseball lingo for two horny people getting their freak on.

Well, apparently people are getting their freak on at the ballpark.

Recently, a couple of fans at an Oakland A’s game decided that the action wasn’t good enough for them on the field … so they decided to make their own action in the stands.

No, seriously. There’s images.

That’s right. Someone’s in the batter’s box. The count is two balls and no strikes. The pitcher might be throwing a spitter. Could be going deep.

Now this happened a week or so ago, so why am I blogging about it now?

Because two other fans decided that this little game of pitch and catch wasn’t enough. They decided to go for the full grand slam.

Yep, deep in the cheap seats at Rogers Centre in Toronto, a couple of fans were achieving the hit and run.

Of course it’s in Toronto. Those two fans are simply recreating the experience of the Blue Jays’ old park, Exhibition Stadium. Ha.

So what? A couple of baseball fans would rather get a shot into Pujols?

I’d say I’m surprised, but apparently getting your freak on in the stands is nothing new.

This article claims that the Buffalo Bills fans have wild sex in the stands. In Orchard Park. In the freezing cold. In Buffalo. They’re keeping warm by going from tight end to wide receiver.

Here’s the article. It’s from 2017, but still …

I hope their aim is true in Buffalo. Don’t want any of that wild sex to go wide right. What, too soon? 😀