So that’s what an AI artwork generator does with my photo titles. Hmm.

I’m not sure how to react to news of this nature, so I’ll react accordingly.

Apparently the Colorado State Fair’s digital art competition offered a blue ribbon to a print named “Théâtre D’opéra Spatial,” as credited to Jason Allen.

Well, Jason Allen had a bit of help. He used a program called MidJourney, a program that can take a word prompt and turn it into tangible artwork.

See for yourself.

MidJourney is one of those online AI generation programs, where you can type in a few words and the AI program will spit out what it thinks is a representative artwork based on your texts.

I mean … some people might equate this as using a digital camera instead of a film camera, others might equate this by using CGI special effects rather than practical effects.

I’m still kinda up in the air on this. So I tried an AI art generator called Night Cafe – and just for a lark, I put in the AI generator the titles of some of my most successful artworks.

So maybe someday I’ll enter this photo called FIVE TICKETS TO RIDE DAY AND NIGHT.

Hey, can it create a Milky Way juxtapozed with a covered bridge, a la my WASHINGTON COUNTY 2:30 AM image?

Perhaps it can do something with my eclipse photo THE VIEW FROM SCREVEN COUNTY.

Um … not quite.

So let’s try another AI art generator. This one is from DALL-E, now known as Craiyon.


Yikes. Not what I was imagining. I was imagining an Infrared photo of an abandoned ice cream parlor. Not that.

Okay, let’s see if it can generate an image based on the name of my WHCL radio program, the Nightowl Radio Show.

Fooey. No radio anywhere in the photo. Big whoop, it’s a screech owl. Ho hum.

All right. One more try. Let’s see what an AI generator thinks of the prompt CHUCK MILLER.

Oh yeah. Big jowls, misaligned eyes, pug nose, clean-shaven … sure looks like me. Pfft.

So I’m sorry, various AI art generators, but you’ll just have to take a back seat to my using practical effects and digital equipment. Know that when I enter an artwork in competition, it’s from my hands and from my creation. Not because I typed in “WHAM BAM THANK YOU MA’AM” and printed it on foamboard and shipped it somewhere.

Someone wake me up before this go-goes.