The Nightowl Radio Show playlist for September 23, 2022

The following is a playlist for the broadcast of the Nightowl Radio Show, a one-hour college radio show on station WHCL-FM.  The show can be streamed tonight at 7:00 p.m. Eastern at

Tonight’s episode not only features several remakes and cover tracks from one of my favorite rock bands – Dragon – it also features Dragon covering someone else’s track. The covers are marked below with a (D), in case you’re curious.

7:01 PMQuincy JonesMoney Runner$ (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
7:05 PMMarcia HinesApril Sun In Cuba (D)Greatest Hits 1975-1983
7:08 PMThe Screaming JetsRain (D)Gotcha Covered
7:13 PMBen RansomYoung Years (feat. Sharon O’Neill) (D)Young Years (feat. Sharon O’Neill) – Single
7:17 PMHindley Street Country ClubAre You Old Enough? (D)
7:23 PMDragonCelebrationBondi Road
7:28 PMLighthousePretty LadyCan You Feel It
7:34 PMLove AffairEverlasting LoveThe Everlasting Love Affair
7:36 PMMarie-MaiDangereuse attractionDangereuse Attraction
7:41 PMMarxmanAll About Eve33 Revolutions Per Minute
7:46 PMNewcleusJam On ItJam On Revenge
7:57 PMMarilyn MartinBody and the Beat (D)80s Pop